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Please complete the following booking form with the details of your event and confirm that you are happy with the Terms & Conditions of the booking.

This booking is to secure SAM LYON for the event of:

at the following venue/location:

on the following date:

at the following time:

Performance option

requiring the following equipment:

Sound equipment required

for the agreed fee of £275.00, inclusive of a £50.00 deposit which is to be paid within 14 days of completing this booking form.

Please complete your contact details should we need to contact you in approach to your booking:

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Confirmation of Booking:  The Event/Performance stated in this Agreement will only be confirmed once the Agreement has been completed and signed by the Hirer and returned to the Artist.  Booking requests will be reserved for 7 days from the date that the Artist sends the Agreement to the Hirer, however, if the completed Agreement has not been returned within the 7 day period, the reservation will be removed and the Artist has the right to accept other bookings.


Deposit:  If a deposit is required, this must be paid by the Hirer to the Artist within 14 days of the Agreement Date stated on Page 1 of this Agreement.  It is agreed that the Artist has the right to terminate this Agreement and Performance if the deposit has not been paid by the Hirer within 30 days of the Performance Date.  If the booking was made with less than 30 days until the Event, the Agreement must be completed and deposit must be paid by the Hirer within 48 hours of the Agreement Date. Deposits are non refundable unless mutually agreed otherwise between the Hirer and the Artist.


Cancellation:  It is agreed that if the Hirer cancels the Event/Performance less than 7 days before the Performance Date stated, 50% of the Performance Fee stated must still be charged.  If the Hirer cancels the Event/Performance less than 48 hours before the Performance Date stated, 100% of the Performance Fee stated must still be charged.  This cancellation fee must be paid no later than 7 days after the Performance Date stated.  Cancellation less than 48 hours before the Performance Date on the part of the Artist will allow the Hirer the right to request their deposit back, however, the Artist will not be held responsible to changes in earnings for the Venue on the date of the cancelled Performance, and are thus not required to pay compensation to the Venue.


Payment:  Unless agreed otherwise (to be put into writing and signed by both parties), payment of the full balance of the Performance Fee shall be payable to the Artist in advance of the Performance, or on the Performance Date stated in the Agreement.


The Engagement:  The Artist and personnel will follow all reasonable instructions relating to the proper and lawful conduct of the Hirer’s business and will only use the Hirer’s equipment if permission is granted beforehand.  It is also agreed that any instruments/equipment/accessories belonging to the Artist are not available for use by any other person, unless permission is sought and granted by the Artist beforehand.  If the Artist is subjected to any threatening or abusive behaviour at the Event or Venue, the Artist reserves the right to stop the Performance.


Recording:  Subject to permission by the Artist, the Hirer is able to make or permit the making of any audio and/or visual recording or transmission of the Artist’s Performance, however written permission must be sought if the Hirer intends to release any of this material publicly.


Delay, Interruptions and Finish:  If a Performance is delayed, interrupted or finishes early as a consequence of any act or emission of the Hirer or due to weather conditions, then the Hirer will still pay the full Performance Fee stated.  The Artist is not obliged to continue past the final Performance Finish Time stated in the Agreement unless they agree.


Set Up and Load Out:  The Hirer will provide the Artist and personnel with reasonable access to the Event and Venue before the Performance to load in, set up, perform sound checks, and load out after the Performance.  The Hirer will ensure secure on-site or nearby parking for the Artist and personnel.


Staging:  The Hirer will provide safe working conditions and ensure all equipment and facilities are in good working order.  The Hirer will be in compliance with all statutory requirements (including adequate staging with protection from sun and bad weather) and will obtain all permits, consents, and licenses necessary for the Performance.  It is agreed that the Hirer will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the Artist and their property at the Event and Venue.


Power Supply:  The Hirer will provide safe and adequate power supplies operated by competent persons in accordance with all statutory requirements.  If any of the Artist’s instruments or equipment are damaged by malfunction or improper operation of the power supply, the Hirer will reimburse any cost incurred to repair or replace the instruments or equipment.


Merchandise:  If permission is sought and granted from the Hirer beforehand, the Artist will have the right to display and sell merchandise at the Event during the Performance and at least 30 minutes prior to and after the Performance, from a mutually agreed position without any payment to the Hirer.


Catering and Rider Request:  Hirer must be able to provide the Artist with water if required.  The Hirer must also ensure suitable access to toilets is available for the Artist.  It is asked that the Hirer should also be able to provide food for the Artist if the Artist is required to be at the Event for more than 8 hours. 


Accommodation:  If the Hirer has arranged for/provided the accommodation for the Artist, they must ensure that the accommodation is safe, and secure.  Contact details of the accommodation must be provided to the artist in advance, so that in case of any issues such as delays or cancellations, the artist can immediately contact the accommodation.


Amendments and Termination:  It is agreed that no changes are to be made to this contract without mutual agreement from both the Hirer and Artist.  Any changes are to be put into writing and must be signed by both parties.  If the contract is to be terminated with mutual agreement from both the Hirer and the Artist, this must be put into writing and signed by both parties.


COVID:  If the Event Date must be rescheduled by the Hirer due to restrictions or illness, the Artist will do all that they can to secure the rescheduled date and continue with the booking.  However, in the circumstance where the Artist already has another booking for the rescheduled date, the Artist will return any payment that has been made towards the total Performance Fee minus the Deposit.  The Deposit is non-refundable.  By law, it is not a requirement for the Artist to wear a mask when performing.