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And you've won some treasure!

You're just one step away from the real treasure, but as a congratulations for making it this far, I'd like to gift you a stylish lyric poster for your home!

Available in 7 different designs, and two different sizes, you can find the perfect feature piece for your home.  View the different designs by clicking onto the product picture or clicking 'Add to Cart'.

(P.S. If you'd rather listen to the song first, add this poster to your cart now, then you can go back and review your basket after listening!)

(P.P.S. If opening the product takes you off this page, simply go back to the 'Contact' page and click the bridge to return!)

We're almost there!

 We're one step away from the REAL treasure, but you need the password if you're going to open the treasure chest...

Here's a riddle. Once you think you know the answer, give it a click from the options below!


If you find yourself stuck

And it's too far to leap

The waves are too high

And the waters too deep

You need a way over

Not a way through

Perhaps something tall

And something strong too

It won't be easy

But it will be sturdy

So you can cross the river

And continue your journey!


The password is:

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