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 T H E  F U L L  S T O R Y 

Responsible for her own success, Sam Lyon is an unsigned artist who prides herself on reaching her biggest achievements entirely independently.


As a multi-award winner, an ambassador of environmentally friendly practises within the music industry, and an acclaimed role model for upcoming unsigned artists, Sam truly is a force to be reckoned with and is proudly paving the way for change within an industry known for its unrelenting, rigorous and very particular route to "success".


Sam's award-winning successes began back in 2013 with 'Performer of the Year', awarded for her relentless gig schedule and her impressive commitment to organising and managing her first ever full UK tour entirely independently with shows across the country at the tender age of just 18.

It wasn't long before Sam's achievements as a businesswomen and music manager began to earn her further recognition.  In 2018, Sam received the 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' award to reflect her impressive and admirable efforts towards breaking into the music industry as an unsigned, unmanaged artist and encouraging other upcoming artists to follow suit.

By 2019, Sam's success as an artist was now being recognised all around the country.  Placing 2nd in the 'Best In Music Awards 2019', Sam triumphed over many well established artist and bands nationwide.

Only a year later, in 2020, Sam was named as one of The Guardian's 'Most Inspirational Women In Our Community' for her commitment to music and determination to succeed as a 'one woman show', still without the aid of a record label, manager, publisher, or any other partners.

Most recently, in May 2022, Sam was nominated for Local Business of the Year in recognition of her efforts in supporting others throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  Sam set up 'The Isolation Inspiration Channel' platform to offer financial support to local businesses and individuals who'd lost work during the crisis, and also to offer entertainment, education and support to families and individuals who were struggling with isolation.  Sam hosted weekly online concerts supporting musicians and entertainers, offered daily classes in foreign languages, art, yoga, school studies, and more, with an opportunity for viewers to donate towards each tutor or performer.


Gigging around the UK and Europe since the tender age of 14, Sam has a reputation of being a prolific performer, averaging 200-300 shows every year for over a decade.  Having recently supported several big names, including Matt Cardle, Grace Davies, Janet Devlin, Miles Hunt, Blue Rose Code and more, Sam has also held her own as a headlining act at festivals, renowned music venues around the UK and Europe and has also completed three successful self-managed UK tours, with her latest tour in 2019 boasting an impressive 24 dates with numerous sold out shows around the country.

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Sam soon discovered that her repertoire wasn't just successful on stage, but also on air.  In 2021, Sam recorded a live one-take intimate performance and interview with BBC radio host, Mark Radcliffe.  The episode made it onto a regular showing rotation on Sky TV.  However, it was back in 2016, aged just 22, when Sam made her first TV debut with a live performance and interview on Liverpool's Bay TV.  Alongside her television successes, Sam has also achieved notable radio accolades, reaching #1 on the Tradiio Global Charts, #1 on Australia's Banks Radio, and #1 on Liverpool's Round Sound Radio, a position she held for several weeks, as well as receiving acknowledgements such as 'Artist of the Week', 'Record of the Week', plus frequent live interviews and performances from various international radio stations and established UK stations including multiple BBC stations.


In 2019, in a bid to try and pave the way for a more eco-friendly attitude within the music industry and amongst her followers, Sam designed and produced her own range of environmentally friendly merchandise, with the focus being on zero plastic, recycled materials, and locally sourced products.  The range included items such as hanging lyric tapestries made from bamboo and calico, recycled card bookmarks, reusable fabric shopping bags, drink coasters made from local welsh slate, and 'Grow a Tree USB Packages' which consisted of a small tweed bag with recycled paper packets of tree seeds and a cork USB stick containing Sam's full discography.  Incredibly, the merchandise range sold out on its first day of release.

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