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Episode 5 - Couples Communication

Our fifth episode is all about communicating with your partner about difficult topics.

This week, who best to join me for a discussion about couples communication than my very own partner, Mason Burke?! Me and Mason met at just 5 years old, and have gone from fancying each other in primary school to being fully fledged life partners. Although, as for most couples, life hasn't always been plain sailing as together we've had to navigate a long distance relationship, the passing of a parent, and more. In this episode, we talk about the common obstacles that couples face and how best to deal with them. We also review the results of our polls about how comfortable the general public feel about confronting their partner about difficult topics, and how well listened to they feel in their relationship. This episode's "ask-the-audience" includes questions such as "Do you feel as though you can have constructive disagreements with your partner?", "Do you feel as though your partner listens and understands you when you approach them with difficult topics?", "What is the most difficult topic to discuss with your partner?" and more. Thank you to everyone who voted in the polls and gave your feedback! Watch the full episode below:

How do you find communication in your relationship, is it easy and comfortable, or awkward and difficult? Do you have any helpful tips for anyone who might be struggling to reach out to their partner? Let us know in the comments! Thank you so much for tuning in to the podcast. It's been a real pleasure bringing such interesting topics to the table and having the opportunity to discuss them with so many fantastic guests. I hope you've found value in the topics we've discussed!

See you soon! Much love, Sam

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