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Episode 1 - Overworking & Hitting Burnout

Our debut episode is all about overworking and hitting burnout, recognising the mental and physical impact it has on us, identifying the potential root cause, and discussing how we can learn to break the habit.

Today's guest is Marc Gallagher. Marc is a full time self-employed musician known for his relentless gig schedule. Marc is definitely an experienced over-worker, to say the least!

This episode's "ask-the-audience" includes questions such as "How often do you hit burnout?", "Where does your habit of overworking stem from?", "Has overworking ever had a major impact on your health?", "Any tips for dealing with overworking?", and more. Thank you to everyone who voted in the polls and gave your feedback!

Watch the full episode below:


What is your relationship with overworking? Have you been affected by burnout? Do you have any helpful tips for anyone who might be stuck in the routine of overworking? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you so much for tuning in to the first episode of my brand new podcast. I hope you've enjoyed it!

In the next episode, I'll be joined by Sarah Gregson, and together we'll be talking about therapy, counselling and seeking professional support. I loved chatting with Sarah. So much so in fact that we ended up chatting for about 2 hours and had to re-record some of the conversation because we out-chatted the available storage on my camera!! Whoops!

See you next week!

Much love,


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